Sunday, July 8, 2012

Now my life is sweet like cinammon

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          I finally got a chance to go to the American Apparel Flea Market this saturday. Seriously I did not want to leave, and I have to admit I did splurge. Why must they have so many beautiful basics? I brought along my friend Finex since I haven't seen her in forever since she was in Hong Kong. When she went to the factory, things seemed to be really expensive in comparison to China. Sigh.... the affordability of things in a second world country. Then out of nowhere we decided to go to Santa Monica, Third Street Promenade. We rode the ferris wheel, and tried to get a polaroid with it in the background. Oh and Finex got me a new vintage esque sketchbook from HK, I AM EXCITED TO USE IT :)  Abby: American Apparel Body suit top, American Apparel military shorts, second hand plastic jacket, and calvin klein heels.

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