Wednesday, November 28, 2012


cue lol hood 001
523404_10151095883337076_784407706_n IMG_0251 178942_3843716092693_1069860191_n abbir IMG_0303 fam hod 008 IMG_0139 fam hod 009                                                                                                                                                                              So ...I've been gone for the world's longest period of time. Not really. Ever since lovely (I say it with sarcasm) school started I abandoned everything in my life,seriously. All I do IS SLEEP. Yet, recently I've gotten back on track, like today. And... I've finally caught up with the Naked Palette hype thingy. Well, I guess I am stepping into make-up. I ask literally so many people for advice, the down side is that I have an olive skin tone, and IT IS SO HARD TO FIND THINGS THAT MATCH. Maybe I'm not trying hard enough. Well, I am finally seventeen. poop. nothing really big. I'm working out again, trying to get in shape for summer. heh. STARTING EARLY OKAYZ. Met like only one new person this year. Bryan Ko. You'll see more from that. I have been working on my artwork thought which is a good thing...right ? My new art teacher actually pushes us. I like the pressure of deadlines, yes, I work better with them. As for the cue picture, it was taken on my birthday with my sister and best friend Asra. LOVE THEM BOTH TO DEATH ;) oh, and I got the Fujifilm Instax 210 YEAHHHH !!!! After owning two polariods (the official 600) ones that the film COST LIKE 35 BUCKS FROM THE IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT  that I can not afford, I am super estatic and blessed to finally have gotten this one.Yes, I am going to promise myself to post more OFTEN. As for now, happy holiday's.
 Salam, Abby

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