Monday, December 17, 2012

And I promised Everyday

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                              As for posting everyday, I lied. I've been busy. Well, more like I don't have a personal photographer. As for the whole stylish outfits, I'm sorry. I guess I've started a running club. So Asra, Heidi, Finex, and my little sister, run together now. Heidi and Asra are more permanent, Finex comes as she pleases. We are all trying to get back into shape, I love it. I love seeing everyone improve day by day, it's such a great feeling. Today, I woke up at 8:35, brushed my teeth and ran to school (walked really fast), and forgot to bring my art project.I was one hot ass mess, so I must dress nicer tomorrow and I will take a picture okay ! But we had a representative from Academy of Art, meaning, I was saved. YAY. Academy of Art seems like a nice school but Parsons is more compelling. Amanda is back, and I get to decorate her christmas tree! That means there will be definite pictures and Polariods! I'm thinking about getting her the cambridge satchel company oxblood bag, it's to die for. As I get more in shape, I really want to get a leather mini-skirt from piperlime, and hay it's vegan too :)

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