Thursday, December 20, 2012

Final's Haze

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Yes, it is finals week, and I am trying to not freak out. Enough of school. This is a morning post so I am extremely tired. Today is a minimum day and I don't have a first period. PRAISE THE LORD! Amanda and I are going to Green Bliss today :) A vegetarian cusine :) even though I am a pescetarian, I pretty much qualify as a vegetarian most of the time because I don't eat fish that often. Often meaning, when we go out for sushi. All of my running buddies have gotten faster and I am so proud of them. Just last Thursday when I finished and waited, they all came 3 minutes later running in a single file line, I honestly wanted to cry, it was beautiful. Thanks for not giving up on me!As for what I am wearing, honestly I don't think ya'll would be interested, my one reader LOL, some weird dress from T.J. Maxx, and a Billionaire's Boy's Club Beanie, only because I love Pharrell Williams. In the Polariod, H&M blazer, Merona striped shirt, and thrifted jeans. Happy Holidays!

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